Just how do I report a bug into the game? You’ll report insects inside game utilizing the “Bug Report” menu into the game. Just what discussion boards can be obtained? You will see the most recent forum threads in game on War Thunder Forums. How do I see the FAQ? You can view the newest FAQ threads within the game regarding the War Thunder forums. How can I view individual guides for War Thunder? You will see an individual guides for War Thunder on our site.

How do you view the list of supported games? You can view a summary of supported games inside game on our internet site. The main problem with mod menus is the fact that they are not universal, meaning that you need to create one for every single game. But, generally, I’d state your smartest choice would be to just find a mod menu that is like the the one that you want the greatest. Then it should not be too hard to transform the menus to your format you may like to utilize.

Including, one option you have could be the TFA menus. Using the TFA, you would produce one tfa menu and then make use of the same menu for every game. The main problem with that’s that each and every game has a unique quantity of choices while the text size. How do I change the microphone amount? It is possible to adjust the microphone amount in noise settings regarding after tabs: General: Mic: Impacts: if you don’t see a “Mic” tab in sound settings, then chances are you cannot change the microphone volume.

Just what languages can be purchased in the game? The War Thunder game currently features English, Russian, Ukrainian, French, German, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, mod-menu.github.io Polish, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), and Chinese (Traditional). How can I check out the latest events? The newest events can be viewed on the “Information” tab inside game. You can see our latest forum threads through the “Forum” tab inside game.

When I made my mod menu for Bloody, we created one menu then tried it the mod menu in my own Bloody version. If you should be looking for a mod menu for Bloody, then you might find one that is compatible with your game. You get a free of charge content of this utilizing the game, just install it. Never pay for it. I did not, so I can’t inform you whether it’s a good game or perhaps not. But it’s free, therefore it is very easy to try out. The images aren’t great, but it’s a fun game.

How exactly to include new mod? Mod menu is designed to activate only mods being already set up on your computer.

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