Workshop for School Students at NCMR, NCCS, Pune

A full day workshop on foldscope was organized at NCMR-NCCS, Sai Trinity campus, Pune, a total of 69 students and teachers from different schools and NGOs attended this workshop. The students were from six schools including DSK School, St. Ussula High School, Loyala High School, Sunflower high School, Bharat English School, New English School, Maan and City Pride School, and NGOs like Being Jigyasu, Marunjii NGO and Urmee NGO.

We trained the students and teachers for assembly of foldscope and sample preparation. The feedback from many students was that, though many a times their teachers demonstrated them to use a simple light microscope in the school labs, but they never visualize anything under it and foldscope not only allow them to visualize various specimen, but also allow picture them using a smart phone.

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