‘FOLDSCOPE FOR EVERY CHILD’: Workshops Conducted Across The Nation In The Most Resource Constraint Settings From Kashmir To Andaman & Nicobar And From Gujarat To Arunachal Pradesh

The call for proposal was then followed by a chain of  workshops encouraged by Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. Aim was to bring science to the Most Resource Constraint parts of India. To reach the goal, two days training was conducted for the Foldscope jointly organized by

  • ICMR-NIRRH and IIT- Bombay at Sangharsh Nagar Urdu Municipal School, Chandivali, Mumbai and at Dharavi where children, who have never been exposed to a formal education, participated with utter enthusiasm.
Dr. VijayRaghavan distributing Foldscope kits to students at Sangharsh Nagar Urdu Municipal School, Chandivali, Mumbai.
  • The Sangharsh Nagar Urdu Municipal School; Chandivali Mumbai

Nearly 75 girls from class 5-8 participated. In addition boys and girls from nearby slums, teachers form interiors of Maharashtra and from Northeast attended the workshop.

  • Dharavi

Nawneet Ranjan and Kunal Kanase took the lead in organizing the event. With the help of volunteers the nearly 50 boys and girls (age 12-15 years) participated and learnt to assemble and use the Foldscope.

DBT-PrakashLab Orientation Workshop on the use of Foldscope at International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, (ICGEB)

Department of Biotechnology organized a two-day DBT-PrakashLab Orientation Workshop on the use of Foldscope at International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, (ICGEB), New Delhi on 16th-17th April 2018. During this workshop, teachers from 114 school and 325 colleges across the country that are being funded by DBT under the Foldscope project got trained in the use of Foldscopes, for further imparting training to students in their respective schools and colleges.

The students and teachers who were trained in this two-day Orientation Workshop are further pioneering the cause, helping DBT and Prakash lab to reach to the interiors of India and lead science into daily lives of the citizens.

In the two days orientation workshop more than 439 teachers from various school and colleges across India participated in the training of foldscope assembly and use very enthusiastically and were hopeful for its best use in future.


  • India International Science Festival (IISF) Lucknow, October 2018

Foldscope training workshop was conducted at the Science Village, IISF Lucknow India 2018. 2000 Children from across the country were

trained in using the foldscope.

Principle Scientific Adviser (PSA) to Government of India with Foldscope Superusers/ Mentors.
Dr. Manu Prakash at IISF 2018
S. No. States Number of Students participated No. of Teachers Participated
1 Andhra Pradesh 90 18
2 Assam 5 1
3 Bihar 117 24
4 Chhattisgarh 34 7
5 Delhi 59 12
6 Gujarat 82 16
7 Goa 19 4
8 Himachal Pradesh 15 2
9 Haryana 24 5
10 Jammu and Kashmir 39 8
11 Jharkhand 18 4
12 Kerala 93 20
13 Karnataka 36 7
14 Madhya Pradesh 182 36
15 Maharashtra 203 40
16 Manipur 10 2
17 Mizoram 10 2
18 Odisha 13 3
19 Pudducherry 5 1
20 Punjab 6 1
21 Rajasthan 27 5
22 Sikkim 10 2
23 Tamil Nadu 284 55
24 Telangana 73 15
25 Tripura 10 2
26, Uttar Pradesh 203 41
27 Uttrakhand 33 6
28 West Bengal 11 2

Over 2000 Students and 600 Teachers  participated in Foldscope Workshop at IISF 2018

S. No. District, States Number of Students participated No. of Teachers Participated
1 Nawada, Bihar 5 1
2 Dahod, Gujrat 9 2
3 Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu 20 3
4 Osmanabad, Maharashtra 10 1
5 Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 10 1
6 Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh 4 3
7 Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu 5 1
8 Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh 5 1
9 Bastar, Chhattisgarh 5 1
10 Dhalai, Tripura 10 1
11 Palamu, Jharkhand 2 1
12 West Sikkim, Sikkim 5 1

90  Students and 17  Teachers from 12 Aspirational Districts participated in Foldscope Workshop at IISF 2018


  • Remote Tribal Village, Kharha, Chhattisgarh

Cell images projected using Foldscope through Night Film Shows at remote tribal village, Kharha, Chhattisgarh State Conducted by Dr Mooventhan Palanisamy. The Place had no electricity yet Dr. Mooventhan took Foldscope to the one of the most resource constraint area. The children and residents were amazed by the images projected through Foldscope.


  • Kendriya Vidyalaya, Aizawl :The students at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Aizwal were introduced to foldscope and world of microbiology and basic hygiene. The students of the class 9th and 10th participated in the workshop. Students observed pre-prepared slides including various specimen including fungal sporangia, apical bud of plant and cross-section of fern rhizome.

  • Remote Village in Himachal Pradesh:

In the month of July, workshop was conducted in a remote village of Himachal Pradesh where students were trained and taught about sample preparation and observation. The students observed water samples, collected from a stagnant water, moving rotifers, leaves and flowers.


  • Twitter post by a student and reply by Dr Manu Prakash to this post suggesting observation of mint oil droplets.

Harvesting Knowledge off the Farms
Foldscope succeeded in bring out science to the commoners: Instructors sharing Foldscope experience with locals and farmers in various remote villages of Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan.
Foldscope has proven its worth in the field of agriculture. For example, Foldscopes were used to identify the microscopic eggs of agricultural pests in India, to catalog the biodiversity of soil arthropods, follow toxic blooms, detect bacteria in water samples, map pollen diversity in a city landscape

Farmers and Locals from Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu were taught to assemble a Foldscope and were also explained about the use of Foldscope.
  • NCCS, Pune and ICAR Research Complex for Northeastern Hill Region Meghalaya conducted workshop on the Foldscope for students from North-East:

Under this program a group of  15 MeECL School, Shillong visited NCCS, Pune between 12th to 15th November 2018.

During this visit the students visited different labs at

  • NCMR campus
  • NCCS main campus
  • IISER, Pune
  • One-day field trip to Panshet dam, Pune
Students from MeECL School, Shillong assembling their foldscopes during four days workshop on applications of foldscope under NE student exchange program observing samples during field trip to Panshet Dam.
    • Eden Educational Resource Centre, Madurai

    16 Training carried out all over Tamil Nadu including:

    • Field Visits to 10 Places,
    • 8 Bio walks,
    • Foldscope Exhibition and Demonstrations in schools, colleges, book fairs, parks etc.

    Trained about:

    • 95,000 students
    • 15,000 commoners
    • 17,000 teachers.IITTribal school children at Vellimalai, Vilupuram district
    • IIT Bombay for school students from J&K Migrant Camp School
  • 40 students and 7 teachers from Jammu and Kashmir migrant camp schools participated.
  • The initiative was taken by IITB and was sponsored by IDEA cellular as part of their corporate social responsibility.

Dr. Jim Cybulski, Foldscope instruments  demonstrating the assembly of Foldscope to Students and teachers  from J&K migrant camp school trained at IIT- Bombay

  • Government Schools and Shiksha Kendras in rural Rajasthan
  • Kumbhalgarh, Rajsamand District – Around 40 children were trained to assemble and use foldscope from Government Schools in Gundika Bhilwara, a tribal hamlet, and Aret ki bhagal, in Kumbhalgarh block of Rajsamand District. The children took the lead – anything and everything was a sample for foldscope! Their curiosity and understanding made it easy to develop the science based WASH curriculum for Shiksha Kendras.
  • Udaipur District – Shiksha Kendras are Non-Formal Education Centres established by Seva Mandir, in areas with no/low access to schools across Udaipur district. Shiksha Kendra instructors usually hail from the same village who have a slightly better education level among other locals yet are passionate for educating the next generation.

                                                                                  children from a tribal hamlet of Rajasthan

  • 155+ instructors from 150 Shiksha Kendras trained
  • over 4500 children trained across all the Shiksha Kendras.
  • The foldscope trainings have been with major focus on viewing germs in real, which they had only heard of during sanitation awareness campaigns, and understand the science behind sanitation and hygiene to empower them with knowledge to make an informed decision towards their sanitation practices.
  • A separate Science curriculum is proposed to be added to their existing Hindi-English-Maths curriculum.
  • B.R Ambedkar Insitute of Technology, Port Blair

A one day National Conference on Foldscope will be held during March 2019 at Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Institute of Technology(Govt.), Port Blair under the command of Dr. E.Muthu Kumaran, Assistant professor who is also the Principle Investigator for one of the funded Foldscope project. Along with his team, He has been working to analyse for phytoplankton and zooplankton species richness and diversity as well as chlorophyll content.

Nematodes and mites in pond freshwater; copepods, diatoms, planktonic gastropods and polychaete larvae from seawater were observed by Dr. Kumaran during his project.

  • Foldscope Workshop in Bastar

Mr Prem Sewak Sudhish affiliated to Dayal Singh College, working towards education in tribal areas of MP, Bihar; conducted a Foldscope workshop in Bastar.

The enthusiasm and hunger to learn spotted when the children came up with handmade Foldscopes when they ran out of Foldscope kits.

Children came up with handmade Foldscopes when the Trainer ran out of kits

Actively participating Children at one of the workshops conducted in a school in Bastar.